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I wear a hat almost everyday....so why wouldn’t your Glencairn want one also! Designed by yours truly and the good folks at exclusive these are the perfect partner for you Glencairn. We even had a nice groove carved onto one side so it would sit nicely on top of your glen without sliding around all willy nilly.

  • 1 Whiskey Hat/Lid (Sold Separately) 
  • Fits On Glencairn Glasses
  • Reduces Oxidation / Cloudiness
  • Preserves Flavors During Longer Tastings

*Please expect delays on all international shipments due to Covid-19*

Customer Reviews

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Jeff C
I wear a lot of hats

Added this to my cigar/wine/whiskey lounge for the looks of it. Couple friends asked what it’s for. Said not sure but it’s cool. LoL.

The whiskey hat, sometimes called a whiskey topper, is designed to sit on top of a Glencairn whiskey glass to enhance the nosing part of the tasting experience. The hat traps the whiskey aroma within the glass...in a way similar to a lid on a whiskey bottle...so that you can get the full nosing experience. This assists with tasting whiskey since smell and taste are linked. Enjoy!

HW Faber
Awesome Craftsmanship

I've used specifically made poker style chips as whiskey hats for sometime now, but these are beyond classy. They're heavy and the inside rim that keeps it in place on a Glencairn sniffing glass, is too notch. Nothing but compliments from my friends that know I'm the guy that always has the coolest stuff. Definitely worth every penny!

Malcolm Bingham

Great quality and fit love the designs on both hats, seals in smoke for an add flavour

Ernest Shaffer
Finally Nat Free Whiskey

These things are great at keeping my whiskey bug free while enjoying a drink and cigar on the patio. Nice quality product. Would highly recommend a pair.

William D
Tip my hat to the this whiskey hat

Great quality, looks great on my glass. Looking forward to any future patina