Handmade Whiskey Glass

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Leaf & Barrel Whiskey Glass

LAST CALL - We found a small reserve stock!

I set out to fix a problem I had noticed with whiskey glasses. Full size tumblers/rocks glasses are not the best for drinking whiskey neat.  You end up with a little bit of whiskey in a big ole glass.  Tasting/nosing glasses feel a little delicate in the hand and aren't always a joy to drink from.

From the size to the weight to the shape, my aim was to design this glass from the ground up to make drinking whiskey (however you prefer it), the ultimate experience.

Not Your Average Glass

These aren't being pumped out of an industrial factory mold somewhere, these are made 100% by hand. What you have here is a fully custom designed glass that's created from 2,200ºF molten glass by a highly skilled artist for nearly half an hour to make each and every one. 

No two whiskey glasses are exactly alike and every glass has unique characteristics. Making this a true one-of-a-kind whiskey glass for your collection.

  • 1 Glass Designed by Jeremy Siers
  • 1 Solid Walnut Box
  • Handmade in Tennessee

*Please expect delays on all international shipments due to Covid-19*

Customer Reviews

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Jack Sparrow would never drink from a different glas !!!

This whiskey glas is the best i have ever seen. It feels great in the hand, looks absolutely stunning with the stamp on the bottom
The whiskey tastes better out of it.
Okay maybe the last part is only in my head, but go and test it yourself! You will see whati mean.
Jeremy Siers and Exclusive did an amazing job with the design.
Basically, stop reading and get your credit card. Aye ?!

Blowing made awesome!!!!

Amazing glass, very well made, outstanding detail down to the smallest detail. Great price for the hand blown glass the very high quality! A must buy and I don’t even drink. That’s how great this quality is!

Austin Eggemeyer


Dan Cullen
Badass Whiskey Glass 🥃

I bought the glass as a gift to myself. When I got it the presentation was awesome and the glass was just badass. Then it hit me how much I spent on a whiskey glass, so I put it back in the box and put it away. I opened the box again about a week ago and used it for the first time. Badass! Thank you Jeremy Siers and Exclusive I

Derek Brown
Great quality

This is the perfect glass