Pocket Slingshot V2

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Same great design as the V1, but with a few modifications:

  • New BDEDC logo and added topo pattern (topo on Titanium finishes only)
  • Steel shot hole size enlarged to hold 1/4" ammo
  • Comes in:
    • Two different Titanium finishes - stonewashed and black
    • Ultem
    • Micarta

One of my fondest memories from my childhood is running through the woods with my ol’ Wrist Rocket, pretending to be as cool as Huck Finn. (I wasn’t!) While I never became a deadeye and went decades without using one, my interest in slingshots never really waned. Like most of us, I’m still a big kid at heart.

The Pocket Slingshot V2 comes in four different finishes, fits in the palm of your hand, and can be tucked discreetly into your pocket or pouch.

This Pocket Slingshot isn’t going to put food on the table or save you from an alleyway mugging, but it will bring back those fond memories from your childhood and get you into some good, old fashioned trouble, plinking around in your back yard or on the trail.

Plink responsibly.

SPECS (of actual slingshot)

  • Thickness: .25 in. (5.65 mm)
  • Height: 3.25 in. (82.55 mm)
  • Width: 2 in. (50.80 mm)
    • Uses 1/4" steel shot (comes with 3 in handle that are held in place with o-rings)
    • Rubber tubing is held in place using 1/4" steel bearings (same size as ammo)

    Disclaimer: These are the real deal. You are fully responsible for anything that happens past this point. Know your local/state laws and be safe...Godspeed.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Great quality

    Perfect for EDC

    Thomas Smith
    Epic Fun

    This is so much fun! Had to dans down the tip of the pry tool (it was a bit sharp and dug into my hand). Keep an eye on the BBs in the rubber. They are the most secured.

    Jason C
    Broke within a week

    This is definitely not worth 75$… it broke within a week. Get you a 25$ slingshot that will last years, but don’t get this. I should’ve listened to the other reviews… the band will break on you

    Sorry to hear that! Feel free to reach out to us at support@bigidesign.com and we can help you out!


    So at first I was disappointed by the diminutive scale. It’s grown on me. Love it.


    Never got to use! The first time I pulled it back, the band broke! I’ve been trying to repair it but almost impossible!