Jeremy Siers Zippo Bundle V2

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Official Jeremy Siers

Zippo Lighter + Butane Torch

Zippos are some of the most timeless lighters ever to ride in your pocket. Some say ya can't use a zippo for a cigar because it changes the flavor. Well, for all you cupcakes out there that are worried about that, we outfitted this bad boy with both the original insert and a butane single torch insert so you can pick your flame of choice.  

And, of course, you know this puppy is solid brass if it's coming from me! Patina, Patina, Patina.
  • 1 Solid Brass Case
  • 1 Butane Single Torch Insert
  • 1 Classic Flint/Flame Insert
  • Full Warranty by Zippo
  • Made in USA

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Zippo 3-2-3 Chimney Pattern

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Customer Reviews

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Michael G - @thereal_m.a.g
Always in the Pocket

I was searching for a somewhat unique custom Brass Zippo and this one fits the bill. Not only do you get the custom Zippo, but they provide a butane insert as well. Love this thing and it is in the pocket always.

Nate Bowman
Zippo v2

Very happy with the purchase. It's already starting to patina nicely. Shipping speed is outstanding. Exclusive rocks

Metin Daudov
Unique Lighter

Graving is little dark but otherwise beautiful zippo

Zippo Bundle is a class act.

High quality, timeless design, Jeremy and whoever else worked on this project knocked it out of the park. Everyone needs a nice zippo with some patina, patina, patina.

Henrik Granängen
Handsome little thing

Cool design, fidget friendly. More Siers designs please!