Jeremy Siers Man Card V2

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Fortune favors the BOLD!! V2 of the Official Jeremy Siers Man Card!

Some folks have challenge coins...we decided to do it a little different over here.  A solid 5oz block of patina, patina, patina. So don't let me catch you drinking Truly, putting fruit in your beer, or eating anything with vegan in the title or you'll have to turn this bad boy in.

  • 100% Solid Brass (5oz)
  • Double Sided 3D Design
  • Solid Walnut Box
  • Limited Edition (once they're gone, they're gone!)

*Please expect delays on all international shipments due to Covid-19

Customer Reviews

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Chunk of manliness

Photos do not do this thing justice…..card came in a very attractive package and box. The unboxing was a fun experience and the man card is on me daily. Many complements from those who see me fidgeting with it and many complaints when they try to buy one but they’re a sold out lol…..

Christopher Reynolds
Photos don’t do it justice

The card is very well made craftsmanship on it is well done. Card is thicker than I expected and they give a specialty wooden box to help protect it as well. Worth the price

Nader Nouri
Man card

Love it so well made all the 3D effect is awesome I’m glad I bought 2 can’t wait for the copper😍🙏🏻

William Russell
Proper Quality

Love it! Packaging, box, and Man Card are perfect quality. Great stuff!

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Jeremy Peterson

Great product - shipped fast - need more as sold out

Jeremy, glad you love the ManCard! Yes...these ALWAYS sell out fast!!