Glashtray Quatro - Five Footer

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Lets be honest, these didnt turn out as expected.. We only sold the ones from this batch that we felt 100% good about. The rest, we had to figure out. So here they are, all Glashtrays listed here have very slight blemishes or tiny hairline cracks (nothing to worry about structurally, we wouldnt sell you those) but still function just the same. The blemishes are also nearly impossible to catch on photo, we tried. I like to call 'em 5 footers, they look perfect, from 5 feet away! lets be real, its gonna get covered in ash either way. 


As if the first glashtray we did wasn’t diesel enough, now we have be beast that is the Glashtray Quatro!

Big brother to the Glashtray solo, this is the solid glass, four cigar version of our popular cigar ash tray.

10lbs of solid glass cigar-holding badassery!!

Made from a 2 inch thick, 10 pound block of solid glass, this beast is made to hold up 4 cigars for when you are enjoying some stogies with the boys. This bad boy has an oversized cigar rest big enough to gently cradle your favorite cigar, whether it is a lancero or a big ol' 60 gauge monster you have to dislocate your jaw to smoke!

The ultimate statement piece to separate the men from the boys. 


  • Just over 10 pounds of solid glass with etched Jeremy Siers logo
  • Custom EVA foam packaging
  • Limited Edition
  • Dimensions: 2" thick x 8" wide x 8" long

*Please note, we cannot control customs duties of other countries - any taxes or duties, if any, are paid by customers on orders shipped outside USA.

Customer Reviews

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Micheal Winter
Awesome Ashtray

Thank you for letting us buy these beautiful works of art!!

Cigar O'Prepper
Even at one foot

Have the single Glasstray now to have the Glasstray Quatro Five Footer (and maybe a few other things). It is fantastic even one foot away.

Bad A$$

This thing is awesome! Great work! What blemish?? Still looking for it!


So awesome to get this and to show off 😁

Mike Maldonado

Great products love the Glashtray Quarto and the Zippo. I didn’t realize the zippo came with a butane insert also. Packaging was excellent