Jeremy Siers Man Card THICC (Copper)

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Hold Fast!! 

Damn boy, he THICC!! Same awesome Man Card, just in a slightly different size and in COPPER! For the new version, we decided to take the same amount of material and make it a little more pocket friendly. So, we shrank the height and width and made it THICCC!! Think of it more like the size of a domino or a zippo lighter.

Some folks have challenge coins...but, we do it a little differently over here.  Still packing a nearly 5oz block of solid patina, patina, patina + 'Rona killer! So, don't let me catch you drinking Truly, putting fruit in your beer, or eating anything with vegan in the title or you'll have to turn this bad boy in.

  • 100% Solid Copper (5oz)
  • Double-sided 3D Design
  • Solid Walnut Box
  • Limited Edition (once they're gone, they're gone!)

*Please expect delays on all international shipments due to Covid-19

Customer Reviews

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Mancard copper

Y'all are going to have to pry this from my cold dead hands if y'all want it back.

Ricky Arnold

The craftsmanship is absolutely gorgeous

Thicc copper man card!

Just amazing as always! Keeps getting better in time like fine patina!