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You guys have been asking for this one for a looong time...and we have been working on getting it just right for just as long. Well, it is finally here! The official Leaf & Barrel Cigar Bible!!!!!
I’ve been using leather journals for years to record all my notes and save the bands on new cigars I smoke. But none of them ever really hit the mark. I wanted a leather journal, but I also wanted one that felt old and timeless. Something that felt like Mark Twain himself might have set by a candle and used it as he puffed away on a great cigar. Another key feature I desired was a template layout that helped me grade the cigar experience and keep things neat and uniform.
Well, needless to say, such a thing didn’t exist…….so we made it!!!!!
This Cigar Bible has taken well over a year for us to get just right, but I think we nailed it!
  • Custom cigar review template for each entry with a place for your cigar band
  • Comprehensive flavor wheel
  • Genuine leather cover with embossed logos
  • Handmade - each journal is unique, no two are exactly alike


  • Handmade, 100% cotton, antiqued, deckle edged paper
  • Thick cotton pages allow for any type of pen
  • 240 pages (space for 115 double-paged cigar reviews)
  • Size: 8" x 11" and 1.5" thick
  • Weight 2 lb. 5 oz.

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Customer Reviews

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Logan F.
Absolutely LOVE this thing!

I have been loving every second with the Cigar Bible since it arrived. The craftsmanship of the book is amazing. All of my cigar buddies love it too. I have been smoking a cigar nightly just so I can review a new one.

My only piece of constructive criticism is regarding the rating scale. Why 4 stars instead of 5 in the cigar bible? I mean even this review I am doing now lets me select 5 stars. Anything less than a 75/100 is only 1 star. I personally would have preferred to see a 5-star scale. But this is very minor, it's almost perfect as it is.

Great job to everyone that was involved in putting this together!

Jonathan Russo
Enjoy writing down my thoughts

Really nice leather and the pages are fantastic

Zach Newton
Worth the money!

Coolest thing I’ve ever bought! I’m so happy with the awesome quality and thought that went into this journal!

Robert Broderick

I’m seriously amazed by the Cigar Bible. Truly a next-level offering. I’m looking forward to years of use and reference. Beats the hell out of a spiral notebook for sure!

Incredible Idea for Keeping Track of Cigars

The leather is soft and well bound on the book. Not sure you can tell from the photos, but the paper is so cool. Really has an old feel to it. Best used with regular ball point or roller ball pens. First attempt was with a thin-tipped sharpie. even though I didn't leave the pen in one spot too long it did show thru on the other side in some areas. Such a great idea and well made. Thank you!