Jeremy Siers Man Card (Copper)

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Official Man Card - Copper

SOLD OUT...they’re gone for good.

Some folks have challenge coins...we decided to do it a little different over here.  A solid 5.5oz block of patina patina patina + rona killer.  The Official Copper Jeremy Siers Man Card!  So don't let me catch you drinking Truly, putting fruit in your beer, or eating anything with vegan in the title or you'll have to turn this bad boy in.

  • Solid Copper (5.5oz)
  • Double Sided 3D Design
  • Solid Walnut Box
  • Limited Edition

*Please expect delays on all international shipments due to Covid-19*

 P.S. - All Brass Man Cards Are Sold Out/Discontinued/Never Coming Back.

Customer Reviews

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The Man Card

Absolute high quality, just like his content. The material and detail are top notch. Great product. So lucky I could snag this!! Thank you Mr. Siers.

Matthew Grotjahn

Jeremy Siers Man Card (Copper)

John Avellino

Great product awesome presentation and shipping!

Daniel Mejia
Great product fulfilled by a great company!

I have purchased 2 man cards from Jeremy Siers and they were both amazing. A solid brass one and a copper one. Both stamped to perfection! The presentation in wood boxes was the attention to detail you can expect from Jeremy and Exclusive. I have been a long time fan of Jeremy but never heard of Exclusive until Jeremy worked with them. My order was packaged perfectly and shipped within hours of putting in my order. I look forward to purchasing version 2 from them very soon!

Tyrone Bruce

it is an awesome product. great to have when I am smoking a cigar and playing cards.