Glashtray Solo

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For you cigar smokers out there, you know having a solid cigar ashtray for your favorite stick is a must. Well, if solid is what you're going for….this is definitely the ashtray for you.

Introducing the Glashtray Solo!

Made from a 2 inch thick, 3.5 pound block of solid glass, this beast is made to be your cigar's best friend or to be used as a blunt impact device if someone breaks into your This bad boy has an over-sized cigar rest big enough to gently cradle your favorite cigar, whether it is a lancero or a big ol' 60 gauge monster you have to dislocate your jaw to smoke!

The ultimate statement piece to separate the men from the boys.

  • Just over 3.5 pounds of solid glass with etched Jeremy Siers logo
  • Custom EVA foam packaging
  • Limited Edition
  • Dimensions: 2" thick x 4" wide x 6" long

*Please expect delays on all international shipments due to Covid-19*

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Dream come true Glashtray!

For some time now, I’ve been seeing this beauty in Jeremy’s video and and endlessly trying to find it because I just loved everything about it. The shaved ice look is amazing and I’m a huge fan of the beautiful and unique glass work as well. So I get the email and see that Jeremy has them for sale and bought one faster than if my puppy farted under the covers! Just came in today and OH BOY!!!!! This is AMAZING! The looks, the feel, just everything about it screams beauty, class, art, and high quality. Just a pure stunner… Especially if one gets hit with it… JK… they’d be dead or really F****d Up! Very heavy and sharp edges! As alway, I can’t wait to see what comes out next to buy! Thanks Jeremy!!!!

Carl Duncan

This is an outstanding piece of glass! Would highly recommend!

Keith Greenough
Glashtray Solo

An awesome addition to my desktop smoking paraphernalia.

Bad Ass Ashtray!

This "Glashtray" is legit. From the weight to the style, everything about this screams "Do Man Shit!". Jeremy gets it...glad to have been following him for the past several years.

Lynda Taylor
Fantastic gift!

This is exactly what my son wanted. Very heavy, functional and pretty as well!